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Do you have a website or a page in a social network, travelers who are interested in? You would like your site to bring you additional income? Have you tried affiliate program offered by one of the hotels bookers, and were dissatisfied? It looks like we have an interesting offer for you!

Our site offers villas for rent in Thailand. The average cost of renting a villa in this country is relatively small when compared, for example, Spain. However, it can easily reach several thousand dollars per day. And you can get a percentage of such expensive orders!

Do not think that such a rent villas fabulously rich people who never look at your site. Often Villa offers 7-8 bedrooms, which are free to accommodate 16-20 people. And if on holiday in Thailand sent a group of people wishing to mark an event, or just for the Christmas holidays - the cost of renting a villa based on one person may be even lower than the average hotel, while offering a completely different level. Just imagine: a large, secluded house, designed specifically for a luxury holiday, personal chef, babysitting for the baby, massage, swimming pool, friendly staff, ready to fulfill your every wish - and all this just for you! Even very expensive hotel can not offer such a holiday.

Why, for example, affiliate program very often brings a very small profit in recent years? It's very simple: why of today's travelers do not know about Why would he be then to click on your ad? Our website - is a relatively new (though the project work is not new people in this business. We have years of experience by the profile of the work). In addition, this website focuses on a relatively narrow segment of customers. So, it is hardly ever known it will be every seasoned traveler. What does this mean for you? Host our link on your page, you offer to your visitors something really new and unknown to them; and the likelihood that they are interested in, is much higher than in the case of all known brands.

Your income with one order may be $ 500 and up; but that's not all! If your affiliate link will register a new partner, you will receive an additional percentage of his income, too.

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